Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Rome, Italy
© 2010, ID Photography

In this set of the 'Emotions' series of pictures, what I am trying to do here is to find that picture, or group of pictures that would best define a certain emotion, or sets of emotions. It's not going to be a perfect fit all the time, but I guess in all things subjective, there will always different opinions to what a picture really defines.

For the first installment, the above picture was taken during one of those moments where things around me was just starting to unwind. Towards the last moments of my vacation in Rome, Italy, and whilst still enjoying the last remnants of the sights and sounds of Rome, and more specifically, just outside the walls of the Vatican, I noticed a flock of pigeons swooping down and gathering around this stranger which was seated directly opposite me. Waiting for the right moment for a bunch of them to gather in front of him, I steadied my camera and compose this shot. I thought the touch of saturating the red jacket that he was wearing that day, amidst the greyness of the concrete slab seats, was a nice contrast to an otherwise great vacation.