Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Connecting the Dots

Saigon, Vietnam
© 2011, ID Photography
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It has been a fruitful day so far in terms of their learning. And not surprisingly I am also learning too. What I realise sometimes is that teaching (and learning) in itself is a never-ending job...you just have to be ready to teach, or learn, at any time of the day. But beyond just learning about the knowledge per se, what I discover even deeper is about the need to create that connection...to sort of like link the dots. The dots here meaning the idiosyncrasies of each and every one of the charges under my care. The quiet ones, the ones with hidden talents, the ones whom would grow up to be more than just a leader...or simply those whose 'path' is yet undetermined...well you can't really tell in these sort of things.

But more importantly than just about being their teacher in the classroom, it is also about ensuring that they would continuously learn even out of it. Learning of character...learning how to connect with each other, learning about how sometimes...even their own teachers like me...do have their crazy sides. And I hope with each passing day over here, I would be able to learn and uncover them even more...to link and connect their hidden dots, and more importantly, for me to be able to see their potential, in just as much as they would have learnt in their learning trip here in Saigon.

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