Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenes from Vietnam...

How time flies when you are busy/having fun. Nonetheless I did manage to squeeze in some photography time, but not of the quality and quantity that I would like to have. But alas, that is the fate of an amateur/hobbyist photographer.

Anyway, let's not regale about lost time and opportunities. I was on a working trip to Vietnam recently for work, and I must say it is definitely a photographers' paradise. Manage to squeeze in some photoshoots while working, and I must say some are quite satisfactory, based on my humble standards. The first of the many, as presented below. 

A scene that I took while waiting for the oysters to be cooked, on an oyster farm. Yes, you heard me right, on an oyster farm! I'm not really a fan of one since my first experience with it ended up with me having the worst fever of my life due to food poisoning. But when such an opportunity to have a taste of fresh oysters, cooked thoroughly, and enjoying it by the riverside, who can refuse, right? Enjoy the view...

'Prayers for good harvest'
Oyster farm, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
© 2011, ID Photography