Monday, June 6, 2011

Scenes from Singapore

Clarke Quay, Singapore
© 2008, ID Photography
During my initial forays into creative photography, one of the things that was taught was the idea of using your creative eye to see the potential even in the simplest of things. Simple things like capturing your shots low or high, or capturing repetitively patterned objects at various depths of field, and even 'overdosing' on certain aspects such as lighting and such...these are presumably some fundamentals that one could work on to capture simple forms and objects, in a more creative manner.

I captured this shot whilst doing my practicals of my first digital photography course way back in 2008. I was using an Olympus E-510 then, and it was indeed a very good beginner's camera. I was somewhat impressed and intrigued by the idea of having a hospital-themed restaurant. The picture above was captured just outside the restaurant. FYI, the wheelchairs were used as seats for the restaurant's version of alfresco dining.