Friday, September 3, 2010

A photo a week: Week 9

Before the only railway station serving the northerly route ends her operations next year, I felt that it is apt for me to revisit the station for one last look. I could vividly remember the last and only time I was here, way back in the mid-80's, lugging my luggage, as my dad and myself made our way amongst the many people heading in the same direction. What I remembered most were the peddlers coming up on board the various carriages to sell their wares, mostly food, to the passengers, at each and every stop. And I could still recall how in one short experience I had then, somehow turned me off to the idea of eating a corn-on-the-cob. Only until recently, I could never understand how one can derive enough pleasure to enjoy a decent corn-on-the-cob. The other thing that I could still recollect were the wide open expanse of space that the northerly route offers...the large rubber, oil palm and pineapple plantations...stretching into the horizon, and the kampung houses...who can forget them! Perhaps these are the views reminiscent of Singapore in her early days. Oh how I miss those sights, sound...and smell!

It has been a long while since..but I guess some memories are just there to stay.